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The Missouri Dance Organization is a nonprofit, member-driven association working to support dance arts and dance education in the state of Missouri.


MDO serves dance professionals at various stages in their careers, and assists dancers, choreographers, teachers, dance companies, and students in the passionate pursuit of a career in the field of dance.


MDO is a state affiliate of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) and is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. NDEO members qualify for MDO membership at no additional cost.

We strive to serve the professional dance community, and are committed to our members and their endeavors.

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Membership Benefits & Costs

Your dues support the mission and work of MDO including: 

  • Advocacy and coordination with stage agencies for dance education.

  • Resource sharing and networking among MDO's diverse members. 

  • Community development opportunities, classes, activities, workshops and more.

MDO benefits include:

  • National Dance Education Organization information

  • Reduced conference price

  • Opportunity to perform and/or present at the yearly Missouri Dance Organization Conference

  • Opportunity to be a voice for dance education through Missouri Arts Alliance

  • Sharing and networking through social media and in person events

  • Opportunities for professional development 

MDO Membership Levels:

  • $35 Professional

  • $15 Student

  • $100 Institution

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Our Members

MDO members work in a diversity of roles and a range of disciplines.  A variety of dance styles and professions are supported and, several regions of the state represented.


Members include:

-dancers and dance companies

-freelance dance artists

-K-12 dance educators

-arts administrators 

-college and university dance programs

-studio owners


-dance presenters and employers of  dance professionals

-graduate and undergraduate dance students

-somatics practitioners and movement therapists



MDO also provides resources to inform and educate dance audiences, parents of dancers, administrators of dance programs, and dance enthusiasts!

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MDO strongly encourages members to consider joining NDEO to enhance your benefits.

For more information on NDEO and benefits and to become a member of NDEO visit

NDEO/MDO Membership Levels

  • (MDO memberships are included in price)

  • $115 Professional member

  • $115 Ph.D./Ed.D. Candidate member

  • $85 Young Professional

  • $60 Retiree

  • $75 Graduate Student

  • $50 Undergraduate Student

Institutional Memberships

  • $185 Dance Studio

  • $185 K-12 Schools

  • $185 Performing Arts Organization

  • $250 Higher Education Institution

NDEO member benefits include:

  • Access to the Journal of Dance Education

  • dance education research database access 

  • networking 

  • job listing

  • health insurance options

  • and more


  • *Please note to become a member of NDEO you must fill out the application on their website.  Check the state affiliate box and your NDEO membership includes a MDO membership.

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